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choker denim vest and leather shorts

I’ve had my eyes out for a good denim vest for awhile now and finally snagged this Madewell one (on sale by the way). I feel like there is something so cool and different about turning all of our favorite jackets into vests. For example, this sleeveless blazer I posted a few weeks back. Taking away the sleeves brings kind of a rock and roll vibe with each piece making it unique in itself. Especially when it already has it’s own style in the form of a blazer or leather, denim, and trench coat. All are very relevant at the moment and I’m obsessed. I played up the rock and roll with my Ramones Tee and Choker and just had to add something a little different with the feminine strappy sandals. Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Madewell Denim Vest (on sale) | Ramones Tee | Leather Shorts | Karen Walker Sunnies | Choker | Heels |

karen walker sunglasses and denim vest

madewell denim vest

denim vest and leather shorts

ramones graphic tee and denim vest

denim vest2



denim vest and leather shorts2

denim vest and choker

Shot by: Meredith Braden


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  1. I lurrrrrve these ouitfts.Personally, I don’t really like rainy days at all as probably most people do in England, but this post brought me a positive idea to those dark wet days. Thank you for sharing. Ps/ I’be been a big fan of your blog since.. forever. :)Love,Sienna xx

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