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My Favorite Photo Editing Apps


Since I get so many questions about my photo editing I thought I’d share my favorite apps with you all and how I use them! I’ll keep updating that as I find new ones but now I need you guys to tell me your cool faves too. It’s only fair. XOXO

VSCO: This is my go-to. I love the filters (so much so that I pay extra to have access to mine). I’m a G-3 gal but I experiment a little with others too. But this is where I edit everything; brightness, contrast grain, etc.

Afterlight: I usually only use the ‘Dusty’ filters and It’s always after I’ve already edited it in VSCO. This vintage effect is what started all of the questions.

Facetune: Gets a bad rep but I do like it if I ever make a pic too grainy and need to smooth my skin out before I edit it again or get ride of a zip or something. I never everrrrr alter my face/body and do not appreciate people who do.

Kirakira+: Applies twinkly sparkles anywhere the light hits. Truly dreamy.

Snapseed: I use this app when I want to edit a certain part of a photo. There’s a selective tool feature that allows you to pic a spot and edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, and structure. (Example: A backlight picture that you can’t see the subject clearly you could increase the brightness on just the dark areas.)

RAD VHS: This has been the most requested and I have to give a shout out to my gal Taylor for introducing me (ps check out her insta, it’s CUTE). This is what I’ve been using on my insta stories lately. You can add the date and other text and increase the RGB, contrast, and glitch.


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