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flared overalls

I’m sorry but is there anything better than a piece of clothing that makes your ass look good? No. The answers no. I’ve had my eye on a pair of flare overalls ever since Stella McCartney came out with them a few season ago. In true ‘high end hippie on a budget’ fashion I waited patiently and found a pair with the same amazing fit for $98 and during the Nordstrom Sale nonetheless (I only paid $64. Sorry, but I did include them in my sale post!). I never let myself try on a pair until I got these in the mail for fear I’d persuade myself I nedeed the only ones that were available and find myself dropping wayyyyy too much money. Which I would never actually do with a $1,000 pair of overalls but the odds definitely would have gone up if I experienced the way they fit before now.

Contrary to what you may think by looking at the blog from an outsiders point of view, I love a good deal and I loooove saving money. I’ve always had a savings and thank my parents for their constant reminder to live within my means. Probably the one thing about their ‘practicality’ that rubbed off on me. I think the name High End Hippie is sometimes taken too literally. I came up with the name 10 years ago when I started my tumblr. I know because I got an email from them wishing “High End Hippie” a happy 10th birthday recently. Very weird to think I’ve been doing anything consistently for that long but it makes sense it would be that. From the beginning I used it as a creative outlet and still fall asleep reblogging pictures and quotes to keep me inspired.

The name came to me when I was starting it as a way to describe my personal style. Very bohemian and laid back but usually paired with something designer and not so “down to earth” if you will. I’ve always had an affinity for the nicer things for whatever reason and it wasn’t until I read a quote by Sophia Amoruso that I understood. It went along the lines of “when you treat your possessions as emblems of your hard work they inherit a meaning that transcends the object themselves”. I related to this on another level while also admittedly feeling a little bit better about myself and my love of nice things. I’ve had some sort of job since I was 13 and found that I was motivated by the freedom that came with money. I swear this wasn’t purely materialistic but more an escape from my parents rules and a way to make my time working worthwhile to me. If working my ass off meant a new bag then hell ya I would spend my Saturday baby-sitting. I’m sure at this point everyone is like “wtf is wrong with you” but since clothes were how I expressed myself I didn’t want anyone being able to say no to something “because I’d only wear it once”. Plus, I thrived on the fact I could buy stuff myself.

Don’t get it twisted though… Contrary to my over the top and “high-end” ridiculousness my mom is a sale girl and has instilled her love for them in me from day one. So even though I may have slightly expensive taste (my dad is responsible for that part) knowing I had saved enough money for a piece I’d been eyeing and then finding it on ebay for a couple hundred less was the real thrill for me. This didn’t always work out and I do buy my fair share of full price items but when it does it’s like striking gold. This is why I frequently share sale updates and tag both high ticket and affordable options for you to buy; I love both equally.

This motivation stuck with me forever and has gotten me through my very uninspiring corporate desk jobs that I did, by the way, learn oh so very much from. Anyway the point of this is to say that I pick and choose what I splurge on. Even though “high-end” is in the name of my blog I’m still a bargain girl. Yes I splurged on these ridiculous Stella McCartney babies because in my opinion they just can’t be recreated. But I knew there was just no need to spend a paycheck on something like these overalls that would be recreated shortly. It’s all about balance and knowing what’s worth a splurge and whats not. Anyway that concludes todays rant. Also, did I just write the first chapter to my book? Idk but shop the look below. XOXO

Wearing: Flare Overalls | Valentino Sunnies | Off the Shoulder Top | Topshop Boots | Choker |

Topshop 'Maria' Chelsea Block Heel Boot

off the shoulder top and overalls

off the shoulder and overalls

denim overalls and off the shoulder top


off the shoulder top

overalls high end hippie

BP Flare Overalls

flare overalls high end hippie

valentino sunglasses


overalls and off the shoulder

valentino aviators

Shot by: Anna Lopez

Side Slits
Little Black Romper

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