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storets Danielle Pleats Coldshoulder Top

So I fell in love with the concept of this shirt when I first saw the Self Portrait dress that came out last season. It’s always so refreshing when a seemingly new style is introduced; especially today when everyone is all about the 90’s or 70’s trends coming back. Nothing against that obviously as my blog IS called High End Hippie but it’s nice to truly experience fashion today too. No copying just pure creativity. Luckily fast fashion caught on and did their own renditions of the pleated cold shoulder look to make it more affordable. It’s always hard for me to swallow that concept for the creatives behind the design but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to look good and still eat. I paired this top with cutoffs to give the appearance of a dress; one of my favorite things to do as a little shorty. Leaves people wondering “is it a dress?, is it a shirt?” when really its kinda both. Shop the look below at all different price points. XOXO

Wearing: Storets Top | Levi’s Cutoffs | Quay Sunnies | Stella McCartney Shoes |

quay kiss and tell shades

Pleated Cold Shoulder Top

quay sunglasses and storets top

pleated cold shoulder top storets


similar to Self Portrait Pleated Cold Shoulder Gown

Shirt like Self Portrait Pleated Cold Shoulder Gown

storets off the shoulder top

Pleated Cold Shoulder Gown like Self Portrait

storets top and quay sunglasses

Shot by: Anna Lopez

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