suede knee high boots

I gotta give my roommates a shout-out; they not only support me in this crazy thing called life and help me raise Moo but they have great style and let me borrow their goodies to shoot so I can keep bringing you guys fresh content. Don’t worry, I don’t do it too often but occasionally when they snag something that is just too good not to share I can’t help myself. In this case it’s this flowy goodness of a Free People top that I tucked into my cut-offs here. I love the subtle pattern,unique collar and shape, and the subtle 70’s vibes it gives off. I paired it with my knee-high suede boots and aviators to bring the American Hustle look full circle. Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Free People Top | Topshop Boots (in black) | Balenciaga Bag | Black Denim Cut Offs | Aviators |


braid crown high end hipie

free people high end hippie

high end hippie free people

free people top heh

high end hippie braid crown

high end hippie

Shot by: Meredith Braden