high end hippie bell bottoms and high neck top with side slit

This is one of those outfits that doesn’t really fully make sense but when you put it on it kind of just works. I had a vision and I knew it would either result in something very unique or would leave me looking like a walking trashbag. I love playing with lengths and shapes because it’s really one of the biggest risk you can take when creating a new look. It leaves a lot of room for un-flattery but when it works everyone’s kind of like “damn why didn’t I think of that”. Shop below and snag this high-neck top I can’t wait to wear 100 different ways. XOXO

Wearing: Missguided High Neck Top | Hudson Flares | Felt Hat | Platforms | Balenciaga Bag |

balenciaga bag and shashi jewelry

flares and high neck side split top

high neck side split top and flares

balenciaga le dix bag high end hippie

missguided high neck side split top

bell bottoms and high neck side split top

vintage rolex high end hippie

Shot by: Meredith Braden