topshop doll floral print ruffle dress

A lot of what I saw at fashion week included very mod details; high necks, A-line dresses, and tailored structured pieces. This excites me for two reasons; I love twiggy and I looove 60’s fashion. It’s honestly so great to me when these distinct trends from different eras come back. Not only do you get to try them out yourself and incorporate them into your personal style but, you get to rock them in a current way. Obviously vintage shopping is always fun but that requires some good old elbow grease and some luck. Since not everyone has the time or patience to dig through hundreds of clothes to find a piece that fits, it’s nice when you can go to a retailer and pick something up in your size that doesn’t have to be washed 8 times. I’d say this mod mini dress is the perfect example of Topshop bringing back the 60’s vibe in a current way. I couldn’t be more obsessed with the pattern and style and I think the flats bring the whole look full circle. Shop it below. XOXO

Wearing: Topshop Dress | Jeffrey Campbell Flats (Similar) | Karen Walker Sunnies |

floral dress with high neck

high end hippie floral mini dress

pointed jeffrey campbell flats

floral print mini dress

high end hippie tatoo

high end hippie kirsten ritchie

topshop floral mini dress

floral high neck mini dress

karen walker sunglasses

jeffrey campbell pointed flats

high end hippie floral dress

floral bib front dress

woodland print bib front dress

floral print ruffle dress
topshop high neck floral dress

topshop woodland print bib front mini dress

Shot by: Mary Hafner