pleated leather skirt and leather knee highs

So last post I briefly mentioned how I’ve learned what pieces to hang onto and this pleated leather mini is the perfect example. For whatever reason I’ve decided to keep it season after season for several years and a number of closet clean outs. I recently stumbled upon it again and introduced it back into my wardrobe (as you can see here and here). I love the juxtaposition (good word, I know) between the preppy school girl style and the tough fabric because its fun to pair with literally everything. It brings a unique look to whatever you wear it with and that’s what I strive for in a piece; something refreshing and new that inspires looks that don’t bore the hell out of you. And trust me it’s easy to get bored when there’s a thousand different people posting about the same stuff. But with that being said, you also have to remain somewhat relevant because I don’t like to shoot anything unless I can tag it for you all to buy. Otherwise it’s just kind of me being like “na na na na boo boo” all up in your face. That’s part of the struggle with fashion blogging, you have to stay true to your own style but also pretty current. Well now that you know my struggle, imagine my joy when I find about 4 identical pleated leather mini skirts available for you all to snag. Which is just further proof it’s relevant again and that keeping pieces pays off. Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Pleated Leather Skirt | Stuart Weitzman Boots | Turtleneck | Concho Belt | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Balenciaga Bag |

stuart weitzman boots and leather pleated skirt

pleated leather skirt and concho belt

leather mini skirt with pleats

concho belt and pleated leather skirt

pleated leather skirt and turtleneck

pleated leather skirt and knee highs

turtleneck and pleated leather skirt

turlteneck and black leather mini skirt with pleats

Shot by: Mary Hafner