UsTrendy Interview

Hello my people! Writing to you from the big blue sky on my way to New York for fashion week! Wanted to share a little interview I did with UsTrendy really quick in case you were curious to get to know a little more about me. Obviously you can always comment on my posts and social media and I’ll do my best to answer but here’s a fun little intro. Also, I’m taking over their snapchat tomorrow so follow along at: ustrendy to see my behind the scenes of fashion week. Checkout the article below. XOXO

What are some of your current fashion obsessions? Upcoming fall must haves?

I’m living for slip dresses lately. They’re so sexy and simple and can be worn a million and one different ways. I’m also loving all the different fringe denim hemlines going on. I feel like it’s all in the details now more than ever.

Any cool hobbies we should hear about?

I’m a psycho runner lately and I do a lot of yoga. Now that I live in California I try to take advantage of my surroundings and hike and go to the beach a lot as well. But above all my most relevant hobby at the moment is cleaning out my closets and selling stuff on postmark. I love it. SO weird of me I know.

What your hopes/future plans for your blog/social media influence/work?

Read the rest of the interview here. XO