I was shopping the other day in search of some inspo and stopped in H&M.  I was very pleasantly surprised by everything as usual but their activewear selection caught my attention in particular; This never happens mind you. Normally the last thing I want to spend money on is loungewear (as I think it should be more appropriately referred to) but I couldn’t pass up this cropped sweatshirt situation. I think the weird weather and time of year is to blame. It’s rained on and off for the past month in LA and I feel like I live in Seattle more than Southern California. Plus, it’s January. Idk about you but other than resolutions and the whole “new beginnings” thing January is depressing. It’s cold, all the holiday fuss is over, did I mention it’s cold?, and it’s that awkward time in between seasons I was just talking about.  You hate all of your clothes, you want new ones, but you’d rather try crack than spend more money on anything for the current season, etc. Well all I have to say is… I’m sorry for the crack comment that was a lot but also, embrace it. We can let the fact that we’re literally see-through get to our self confidence orrrrrrr we can use this time to step out of the box and try new things. If you’re going to add things to your wardrobe this time of year my advice is to buy things that can be worn no matter the weather. That way you can mix it with stuff you already have in your closet but not completely leave it behind when the weather changes. Shop the look below along with some other H&M activewear faves to get you through the next few months. XO

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More H&M activewear faves:

Shot by: Anna Lopez