Since I shared my 2017 goals with you guys I thought it only made sense to take you on the journey with me. This is a messy little mood board I made for a shoot I’m styling tomorrow with 3 of my friends here. This is what I talked about when I first moved here, being surrounded by creatives and getting to collaborate and work together on projects that benefit everyone. Magen Mattox is a teeny little actress/model here and is going to be my muse, Megan Pense is queen of makeup and will be bringing the 60’s vibe to life, and Chase Johnson is an amazing photographer that will be bringing my vision full circle. This is the next step in my goal to start styling and creative directing shoots for people other than myself. I wanted to not only give it a test run but also have content to put together a little portfolio to show people.

For this shoot I want luxury to meet grunge. I want fur, sequins, and sparkles in a very dark and un-glamorous atmosphere. I love the juxtaposition and I think that’s also what I’m good at and can differentiate myself with. I originally wanted the shoot to take place on this dreammmy beach in Malibu but the weather has different plans so we’ll see. Cross your fingers. Can’t wait to share the finished product and hopefully some projects that come from it as well. XO