I literally have heart eyes for this top. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that changes your mood and makes you feel like a new person. I couldn’t not smile as people were starring at me reflecting the light in every direction down Melrose. I was a walking disco ball. I played down the look with my go-to ASOS mom jeans and tennies but opted for Anna’s heart sunnies so it wasn’t TOO boring. You can’t wear normal sunnies when you’re having that much fun with a top. This is one of my favorite shoots we’ve done in awhile (I say that often) but it’s very terry richard-esque with the flash, no? Shop the look below! I tagged a bunch of fun heart sunglasses (just in time for V day) and the dress version of the top that you can guaran-fucking-tee I’ll be wearing in NY for fashion week. XOXO

Wearing: ASOS Top | ASOS Jeans | Heart Sunnies (similar) | Star Sneakers |

Shot by: Anna Lopez