This was after the Leanne Marshall show that all of my blog babes went to. We obviously had to get a few shots all together and I’m soooo obsessed with them (my friends and the pics). I’ve already touched on it in past posts but having a good group of friends in this industry is so so important. We give each other advice, share contacts, invites, tips and tricks we’ve learned, and cheer each other on. We don’t look at each other as competition but instead truly want to help one another. Their success is mine and vice versa. For any business owners and entrepreneurs out there you can understand how amazing this is. Of course at times you can’t help but compare, especially when you find yourself in a rut or period of slow growth, but all of us have the most open relationships. We all go through it so we all know how to get each other out of it. Since our jobs are basically our entire lives I feel like I have a uniquely close relationship to them. Like co-workers but ones that you get to travel the world with. No one could ever understand what it’s like to grow a brand and company 100% focused around yourself unless you’ve done it. It’s a different type of vulnerableness that I don’t think outsiders consider. I’m very lucky to have them by my side for my peaks and pits. Shop my look for day 4 and checkout my friends and all of our piccys. XOXO

Wearing: Stuart Weitzman Knee Highs | Reformation Blazer Dress (Similar) | Louis Vuitton Bag | Wonderland Sun Sunnies | Turtleneck | Vintage Fur Coat (similar) |

Friends: Payton, Javvy, Sage, and Molly (check them out!!!!)

Shot by: Bri Costello