High End Hippie Vintage

Guys!!! I opened a vintage shop!

Introducing, High End Hippie Vintage. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now because so much of my style inspiration comes from other generations. I have truly always been infatuated with everything having to do with other periods of time. The fabrics they used, the ads they viewed, the electronics they had, how their clothes fit, the cars they drove, what they ate, etc. I just love the thought of how these items can tell a story and take you back to a certain time. They’ve outlived their time and are now here to continue the story.

I’ve talked a lot about my obsession with vintage on the blog but considering my job is partly to make replicating my looks easy, I started to steer away from posting it as much. But since you all were clearly interested I thought the best solution was to create an online destination curated by me, for you. After all I have access to so many amazing flea markets and vintage shops and just do not need some of the gems I come across. So here it is:


Go check it out and let me know if there’s something special you’ve been keeping an eye out for so I can help!!! XOXO