My Film Camera

Due to an overwhelming amount of questions about which film camera I use and what film I like…. I give you a post! Basically film cameras are just a more eco-friendly version of a disposable camera. I feel like that goes without being said but I also feel like they intimidate people sometimes just because it requires a few more decisions to be made and a little more info. So let me just lay it all out for ya! I got the Olympus Stylus because I liked that you could zoom and that there were different settings for flash and lighting and such. I think I paid about $90 for one on amazon prime but obviously there are hundreds of other camera choices with all different price points, this is just what I chose.  I use Kodak film because it’s supposed to be the most colorful. You will most likely need the proper batteries for whatever camera you order so look that up too. Mine uses cr123a batteries (whatever tf that means) and I just ordered all of this from Amazon. So easy.  Then when I get them developed I take it to this 1 hour camera place in Koreatown and they email me the scans the next day. So easy. I don’t even do prints most of the time to save money and space and paper. Anywho I will link everything below along with a bunch of cameras for you to snag (most just have 1 for sale so I’ll do my best to keep this updated).

Any film lovers out there leave any other tips and tricks in the comments for all of us!! XO