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A Week in San Juan


If you haven’t already seen via instagram, I got to spend last week in Puerto Rico with my boo’s  Payton, Claudia, and Megan at La Concha Resort. It was my first time in PR and I fell in love. The city is so colorful, It reminded me of Miami a little bit (which we all know I love by this point), the water is so blue and the perfect cool temperature, the city is clean, the food is addicting, and everywhere you turn there are homemade tropical drinks (fun fact: the pina colada was invented there). Anywho I highly recommend visiting we all loved it and can’t wait to go back and spend more time in Old San Juan.

Shout out to La Concha for spoiling the hell out of us all week. They truly went all out. They setup meals, a personal trainer, a tour of Old San Juan, late night kayaking, drink tastings, everything. It was so thoughtful! They truly wanted us to experience the whole city and not just their hotel and you could feel their love for the city.  I cannot say enough great things about the staff and hotel in general.

It has beach access and 3 different pools so for a person who constantly needs a scenery change (blaming it on my job) it was heaven. We felt like celebrities because every staff member knew our name and was so personable. So thank you thank you for the greatest experience La Concha!

Some San Juan recommendations:

Verde Mesa. Holy shit this place was good. They have a rice dish called Arroz Verde Mesa and it’s kind of like Nasi Goreng but better and more flavorful (I said it).

Old San Juan: Obviously. Imagine a town of pretty pastel spanish colonial style buildings (kind of like New Orleans but wayyyy prettier and cleaner). It’s dreamy and I hate myself for not getting better pics there.

Night Kayaking: @nightkayak on insta. They also have light up bikes!

Kana Kitchen & Rumbar: This was the frat like bar we went to and ordered hookah and beer like we were 18.

Please share any other recs you guys have for my next trip and for the other readers!! Enjoy my pics below. P.s. I’m wearing a lot of High End Hippie Vintage so check the site. XOXO




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  1. I visited PR in January, but I ventured outside of the city (actually spent the vast majority of my time outside of the city). I highly recommend hiking El Yunque National Rainforest and finding a cutie waterfall to take a refreshing dip in. Alsoooo Piñones Beach was another favorite. It was a lot more popping before the hurricanes, but there are still little walk up restaurants with traditional food and drinks and vendors with ice cream carts walking up and down the beach!

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