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Ok guys I’m really excited to share my latest little venture:

I partnered with Beautycounter last year and have been using their foundation ever since. A few nights ago I went to their Target launch party. Long story short I reconnected with them, told them I still use everything and tell my friends about it to this day. Since I wash such an advocate they suggest we collaborate in a way for me to bring you content all about it on a regular basis. I went to lunch the next day and here I am: Beautycounter’s newest spokesperson.

I’m switching over to their skin care line and I can’t wait to tell you how it goes and give you details and reviews on each product. But before I start doing this I wanted to give you a background on the company and let you know just why I am such an advocate. Half of the beauty of this company is not only making you aware of an unknown issue, it’s providing an amazing solution to that problem.

When it comes to the personal care industry, Companies are allowed to use known toxins (ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, hormone disruption, etc) without telling us. We put an average of 10-12 products on our bodies in a given day. This means hundreds of chemicals that have never been tested for safety in human health are allowed in the products we “know and trust”. While the European Union has banned close to 1500 chemicals for use, the US has banned 11. As someone who tries to keep a healthy, active lifestyle and also spends extra on organic and pesticide free foods, this pisses me off. We all understand the importance of what we put IN our bodies, but what we put ON our bodies in extremely important as well. Beautycounter emphasizes complete transparency of their ingredients, which is not the norm. I’m so excited to get to consistently share something I am very passionate about with you guys and hopefully introduce you to products you truly love and can trust. Check them out here in the meantime and watch out for more info! XOXO

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