Belts and Bodysuits


bodysuit and flares

Reporting live from LA with a little belt and bodysuit action. I am finally feeling settled and have found a few photogs to work with so my hiatus is officially over. Gotta tell ya theres a lot more to moving then you ever realize especially when furnishing a new place. All my creative attention has been going to that the past few weeks and I’m really excited to do a post over it all. If you follow me on snapchat (@kristeneritchie) or instagram you’ve already gotten a little preview though. Now onto the outfit… I’m very into belts lately and how they can elevate an outfit. B-Low the Belt is the absolute best for this. I got this little baby for my birthday and want to wear it with every outfit I put on. I love it with this simple bodysuit and flares. Very seventies. Oh and a little advice… when getting a bodysuit make sure its a thong. It is no easy feat pairing a bodysuit with built in boy shorts (don’t worry this one is). Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Hudson Flares (on sale!) | B-Low the Belt belt | Sparkly Booties (on sale!) | Bodysuit | Maria Black Necklace | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Balenciaga Bag |

B-Low the belt

Karen walker super dupers

hudson flares

low v bodysuit

hudson flares and bodysuit
maria black necklace

Shot by: Adam Battaglia

Choker Top and Mom Jeans

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