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Before you make any judgement about my scowl in these pictures please consider these were taken after work and BEFORE happy hour. Which is very relevant to the point of this post: pieces that can be work appropriate but also dressed down for a night out or dinner with the “posse”. I recently started a new job that recquires business casual, I hated this for multiple reasons: the fact I couldn’t wear jeans, the fact that I would have to dress like a dike everyday (no offense), and the fact that my hard-earned money, reserved for the clothes of my dreams,would now have to go toward these horrific work clothes (add these to the list of reasons I want High End Hippie to be my full time job). But, being the optimist that I am, I decided to look at it a different way: if not a challenge than inspiration for my personal style. My goal is to translate my personal style into my work ensembles and in turn be able to wear them for both work and play. I think in turn this will only help me to discover my personal style even more and introduce things into my wardrobe that I would have otherwise never considered trying on. Consider this textured cotton blazer the first (ps its on sale!). Shop below:

Wearing: Anne Taylor Loft Blazer | beaded necklace (similar) | Splendid tank | Car Mar denim shorts (similar) | Urban Outfitters fringe bag | Birkenstocks


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