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Coachella 2019


As you might have picked up from this post Coachella is always A LOT for me but this year I feel like I found a good balance and was way better about living in the moment and not stressing about what I had to do next or what I was missing (big shout out to Sunday Scaries for the assist) . So the past couple years on top of attending the festival, events, and shooting my collabs I’ve been working a styling suit with White Horse Agency, who I work with a lot on various styling jobs. They put it on in partnership with White Label who manages a bunch of talent and such. So basically we create a space where the artists and celebrities can come hang, pick up their wristbands, get their hair and makeup done, hit the open bar, and “shop”.  I help in the styling suite and assist where I can on putting outfits together and such. Not sure if I’m allowed to say who I get to work with so just use your imagination. Because I work this from 10-5 (and because I’m obsessed with the people I work with) I stay in the same house as the White Horse Team. Then when I get off at 5 I normally meet up with friends at an event and then head to the festival. Obviously I get very little sleep and down time during the weekend especially since I still insist on going to neon carnival and every other party I can fit in buttttt I wouldnt have it any other way because I work best when I’m busy. Anywho there’s my full coachella schedule for ya now enjoy my 8,000 pics.

All of my outfits were High End Hippie Vintage… I uploaded the sequin number but still deciding if I can part with any others so I guess stay tuned. XOXO

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  1. Had no idea you worked there aside from influencing but im really interested in how you got into styling. Did you go to school or anything or did your instagram and website just help you to get jobs? Love your style and your hustle

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