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Dad Jeans


With all the attention on the mom jean it only makes sense for there to be a “dad jean” counterpart. And if I’ve ever seen a pair that properly fit the bill it’s these guys. Perfectly pleated, a nice earthy tone, the cuff, the light fabric, everything reminds me of my cute dad in the early part of my life. Before he made decent money and found a liking for nice, custom made things. (I feel like he would want me to add that part so you know he’s got it together today.) The style adds to the masculine trends we’ve seen the past few decades and have grown to love. It’s funny how sexy a style made for the opposite sex can make you feel.  Of course I had to pair it with this unreallll denim crop top and my recent fave accessory, the belly chain to make sure I didn’t feel toooooo masculine. Shop all of it below, these are some of my favorite pieces this summer. XOXO

Wearing: AG Pants | Show Me Your Mumu Crop Top | Matisse Sandals | Wildfox Sunnies | Belly Chain | Vanessa Mooney Earrings |

Shot by: Taryn Dudley

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