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I don’t think it’s a secret I’m an avid festival-goer. As basic as that sounds and as big of a pain in the ass as they may be, I can’t pass up seeing that many of my favorite bands in one place and an excuse to get together with all of my friends. I love them, I just can’t help it! In terms of dress, I always try to steer clear of the cliche festival outfit. For me right now this means a dressy sequin number paired with my over-sized Levi’s jacket and my favorite sneaks. Currently my Nike Coretez’s take that title. They’re classic with a refreshing retro vibe. Plus I love that they come in a million different colors and such so you can make them your own while adding a little color to an outfit. Obsessed with the gold babies I’m wearing here. Shop them below along with a handful of other colors and styles they have. I linked Men’s too! XOXO

Shot by: Haley Ringo

Good Ol Phoebe
Palm Springs with Homeaway

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  1. Fun post. Currently reading Phil Knight’s memoir titled “Shoe Dog” and the Cortez was one of their first shoes after Blue Ribbon sports incorporated as ‘Nike’ . Also, they intended to name it Aztec, but adidas threatened a lawsuit, at the time they had a shoe called the Azteca, leading up to the 1972 Olympic Games in Mexico City! Cheers!

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