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free people indigo split neck bib dress

Since it’s been like a full month since I posted a denim dress (a true milestone) I figured I’d hit you with this baby-doll number. At least the style of this ‘baby’ (lol) is a little refreshing. And I looove how short it is against these knee high boots; I actually get to show a little leg! I’ve been eyeing this one since it went up on Free People. A. because it’s denim and B. I love the pleated bib at the top. Like I said kind of refreshing. Shop below and have a wonderful weekend. XOXO

Wearing: Free People Dress | Ray-Ban Sunnies | Bolo | Knee High Suede Boots |

high end hippie free people denim dress

denim dress and 70's knee high suede boots

denim dress and bolo

denim dress and knee high suede boots

free people denim dress

70's suede knee high boots

denim dress with neck bib

free people denim split neck bib dress

Shot by: Meredith Braden

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