Life’s Little Moments


Life itself is crazy and sooo fast paced but if you work for yourself you know that any minute you aren’t working, or being somewhat productive, you feel is being wasted. In a few months it’ll be a year since I quit my job and became my own boss. I’ve learned soooo much during this time but I’ve found the most difficult part for me (other than the drastic change in my income) has been allowing myself to stop and enjoy lifes little moments. My mind is always onto the next thing I need to do and therefore I never found myself pausing and celebrating the little things.

Now that I’ve realized I was being harder on myself than any boss I’d ever had, I am constantly making an effort to remind myself that even though I’m a lucky bitch that has no one to report to I deserve to treat myself. And without guilt. If it’s a nice day, I should go to the beach. If one of my friends is off work and wants a few cocktails, I should join them. I had to remind myself why I wanted to do what I do and that no one is here to tell me what to do.

In the spirit of this Joie De Vivre, Nudwear (who this dreaammmyyy silk kimono robe is by) is putting on a contest and sending 1 blogger and 1 follower to Dubai for an all expense  paid trip and a ticket to the Bieber concert. Idk about you but, uhh I need this. So cast your votes HERE and don’t forget to submit (and treat)  yourself!

I owe you all big time if I win and plan to shower you in beautiful pics and outfit inspo in return.  Check out the rest of our joie de vivre vibe shoot and shop my look below. XOXO

p.s. how dope is the house we shot at? Shout out to my photog haley for these amazing pics and hooking up the house. Love you boo boo.

Wearing: Nudwear Robe | Urban Sunnies | Bralette | Bandana | Hot Pants |

Shot by: Haley Ringo

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  1. Loving that robe! And I love that you revealed you became your own boss. I just recently quit my job because frankly the people were asses and I was getting super exhausted from it. It sucks that I’m limited on funds but I’m trying to create something that gives me a busy schedule and makes me feel like I’m creating my own life while being the boss of me. Good luck hope you win!


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