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Oversized Drop Waist Dress


mango flowy print dress

If I had to wear one thing forever I think I’d have to choose an oversized drop waist dress. Yes I love my cutoffs and band tees but you can’t argue with an outfit that involves no pants. I have a collection of these at this point and they’re what I go to everyday to throw on for errands or to walk Moo around the neighborhood. Its effortless without looking like a slob. I dressed it up this time around with my favorite shoes ever to hit my fit. The obsession may have to do with how much skinnier they make my legs look… my roommate calls it the “brat effect”. Big shoes, little legs. Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Mango Dress | Stella McCartney Platforms | Karen Walker Sunnies | Balenciaga Bag |


oversized drop waist dress

oversize dress and platforms

mango dress

balenciaga le dix bag

white leather choker

flowy printed dress

balenciaga bag and stella mccartney shoes

mango printed drop waist dress

stella mccartney platform brogues

drop waist dress

Shot by: Anna Lopez

Yumi Kim Floral Maxi
Cactus Print

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