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smile brilliant teeth whitening

Smile Brilliant is quite literally something brilliant. They take the hassle out of getting a custom fitted tray, not to mention saving you over $500 in the process. Everything is done by mail so as you can see above they sent the paste for the mold along with a return label and package to be sent back to them. They then send you your custom retainer right back within a week or so. Before them you had to go to the Dentist to get this done and it cost you your first born child (or $500).

Continuing with the benefits… When I used other whitening products my Dentist advised me to stop as I was rubbing the protective layer off of my teeth. Thankfully Smile Brilliant thought of this and created the desensitizing gel to bring back all of the nutrients that were stripped. This concept is truly a game changer and I highly recommend it. I’ve seen the best results and have had the greatest, easiest experience. Since I loved it so much I teamed up with them for a giveaway! Enter here. For more info checkout this video and read other customer testimonials here. XOXO

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