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Suede Poncho


suede poncho and flares

Remember this suede poncho? I wore it for ACL but wanted to get another good post in before it sold out. It still blows my mind it’s from Forever 21 because the quality is unreal. Definitely one of those things I’ll end up keeping forever, only for it to inevitably make a cute Halloween costume for my future kiddies. Not only does the price make it an easy buy but I really haven’t seen anything else like it from any designer. Which let’s admit, isn’t like “fast fashion” retailers like Forever 21 to do. But if I’ve learned anything about the clothes that last years in my wardrobe vs. the clothes that are given to my little sister the next season, when you see a unique piece that also happens to be a deal you snag it. Because it kind of makes it that much better.  Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Suede Poncho | Hudson Flares | Karen Walker Sunnies | Jeffrey Campbell heels (similar) |

genuine suede fringe poncho

Highend Hippie-59

hudson jeans bell bottoms

flares and suede poncho

suede poncho with fringe

suede poncho forever 21

suede fringe poncho and bell bottoms

suede fringed poncho

suede fringed poncho

Shot by: Mary Hafner

Pleated Leather Mini
Fall Floral

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  1. I’m so loving this poncho! Found your blog by searching for this poncho while trying to decide whether or not to buy it from F21.

    I’m loving how you styled it. You look great, lady!

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