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That Time I Met Chrissy Teigen


free people lace top and cutoffs

Ok so along with this look I have to share a little story with you. Last night after a happy hour with all my boos some people came back over to my apartment to hang out. After a few drinks my roommate, Hilary, apparently thought it was a great idea to write our address on Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram. She had just posted a picture of herself at a restaurant by our house and announced she was in Dallas. So as we’re all hanging out talking about our weekend plans the door bell rings. We immediately all sketch out because it’s 10pm at night and no one knows who the eff would be ringing our doorbell. I volunteered as tribute, mainly because my mind doesn’t go straight to terror and rape like my roommates, and the man behind the door asks for Hilary (my roommate). At this point I don’t even know what could possibly be going on. I was confused and as my mind starts turning to who this man could be and how he could know Hilary, Chrissy appears from behind him with two other woman who are filming us on their phones. Literally complete awe. I hugged her right away as if we were best friends that hadn’t seen each-other in years and scream “OMG I have a frenchie you will love her!” (loser) and just like that Moo comes sprinting down the stairs into her arms. At this point I’m yelling for everyone upstairs, still completely in the dark about what is going on, and it only makes it worse. Now my friends think they’re in some sort of trouble. I don’t know what it took but each person came downstairs on their own slowly and apprehensively. It was soooo amazing to see their reactions. I’m just over here laughing and being like ‘hey guys meet my friend Chrissy’ and they’re just freaking in their own ways. And to top it all off? She Instagrams an effing picture of us. This whole thing just makes me love this weirdo even more. Like who does that? But also who writes their address on someones instagram? Anyway, shop the look below and have a good weekend. XOXO

Wearing: Free People Top (on sale) | Levi’s Cutoffs | Knee High Suede Boots | Aviators |

suede knee high boots

dallas skyine high end hippie

high end hippie free people top

knee high suede boots and white flowwy top

cutoffs and knee high suede boots

free people top dallas skyline

Shot by: Meredith Braden

Summer Struggles
Floral Blouse

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