Wearing: Stone Cold Fox Dress | Converse | Skinny Scarf | Felt Hat |

In just a few days I’ll be embarking on my next big adventure; I’ll be picking up and moving my life to Los Angeles, California. This has been something I’ve been planning in my head foreverrrr but I wanted to take the appropriate steps so I could do it properly (AKA not moving out there as a poor, newly college graduate with no direction).

I’ve known forever that I wanted to be in fashion but my father being the practical business genius (don’t let it go to your head) that he is encouraged a business background. This has given me the foundation to start this blog as well as excel in other aspects of my life to inevitably do what I want to do. The past 2 years in Dallas have allowed me to adjust to this crazy real world situation we’re all thrown into while still having all of my very best friends by my side. My roommates have literally become my sisters and you’d be able to tell by the way we fight. Part of me feels crazy for picking up and leaving a good, comfortable life behind but everything in me is telling me to go despite the risk.

To me Los Angeles is a place for creatives. Most of the people there have the very unconventional jobs that just don’t fly in most other cities. It brings opportunities like no other place and opens up doors you never knew could open. This is what excites me about the move. I have no idea where it will take me or who I’ll meet but I’m willing to take that leap and find out. After all I didn’t start this blog to stop now. I want to take it where I know it can go and continue to learn and perfect everything in relation to it. From photography and styling to videography and graphic design, I crave to know it all. I want to make my time and commitment to this the last few years worth every second. Thanks for following along on my journey so far I can’t wait to see where this next one brings me. XOXO