topshop premium fitted suit blazer

I’ve been loving the look of a blazer these days (see here, here, and here). This particular one brings a structured, preppy look to the outfit so it’s the perfect piece to pair with something completely contradictory. In this case I chose my go-to summer ensemble; a crop top and some vintage cutoffs. I love the grunge of the shorts paired with the clean lines of the crop, blazer, and brogues. The perfect little look. Shop below! XOXO

Wearing: Pink Topshop Blazer | Stella McCartney Brogues | Vintage Levi’s | Valentino Sunnies | American Apparel Crop Top |

stella mccartney platform brogues

vintage levi's cutoffs

pink blazer

croptop blazer and cuttoffs stella mccartney cutout brogues

topshop pink blazer

pink blazer and levi's cutoffs

vintage hermes kelley bag

pink topshop blazer and cutoffs

Shot by: Ed Mumford