TINSEL Frayed Chambray Shirtdress with buttons

If you’ve followed me since at least last summer or have ever scrolled through all my outfits on this page (which link to each post, convenient I know) you know I’m a big fan of denim dresses. I’ve probably featured about 15 denim dresses on here but it’s one thing I just don’t get sick of. Plus it not only gives you so much creative freedom with an outfit but they can come in 762 different versions. It’s the first thing I gravitate toward when I’m shopping even if I know I already have way too many in my closet. But guess what? I still wear all of them and since it’s something I love I’ll keep posting them. It’s just a great neutral for any outfit or loud accessory. I loved this particular frayed chambray shirtdress for it’s ability to be worn as a vest; you know I love versatility. Shop below. XOXO

Wearing: Tinsel Shirtdress | Forever 21 Bodycon | Valentino Sunnies | Scarf | Stuart Weitzman Gladiators | Fendi Bag |

denim shirtdress and gladiators

valentino aviators

denim dress and scarf choker

stuart weitzman gladiators

TINSEL Frayed Chambray Shirtdress and bodycon dress layered

silk scarf worn as choker

button up denim dress and bodycon

TINSEL Frayed Chambray Shirtdress

Shot by: Anna Lopez