I didn’t have wifi on my flight back to LA so I decided to go through and clear out the 10,000 pictures on my iCloud. I stumbled upon this gem (OG insta filter and all) that I made for my room the semester my parents made me move home. (I cut up magazines in the shape of letters, groundbreaking I know). I was a little trouble maker all through high school and college and basically it all caught up to me in a series of unfortunate events.  Most were comical and very avoidable but never-the-less I needed a little something to shake up my world. The semester at home ended up being exactly what I needed to put things back in perspective. I went to school, worked, repaired my relationship with my parents and focused on myself and what I wanted. It’s what taught me that little actions every day can help you get to where you want to be and this quote was my daily reminder. It sounds silly and so obvious but it is truly a mindset. As simple a concept it is it’s almost repeated so much that it looses meaning. Instead of going through the motions like I was doing in college, I had to make sure that this whole living at home thing would only last a semester. This was not about to be a permanent accommodation so I worked everyday to get my shit together and prove to my parents I wasn’t a complete fuck up.

When I came across the quote this time around not only was I proud to see how far I’ve come since taking the picture, I went back to what my ultimate dream is for the blog and why I started it- to entertain and inspire. Even though this is a “fashion blog” ultimately made to inspire small day to day outfit decisions, my bigger message is to inspire you all to create the life you want. I know first hand how possible it is and I want to spread that. It also made me step back and look at the bigger picture of ‘High End Hippie’. It reminded me of the selfish reason I started the blog- to get into the fashion world. My degree is in Business Entrepreneurship and all of my jobs prior to this one had been very corporate consulting and sales jobs. The blog was was my creative outlet and way to make a name for myself in this industry. I was face timing my friend the other night and she was telling us that she had made a list of goals for the new year so she didn’t get too comfortable in her world now. It made me realize after 6 months of doing the blog full time it was time to step out of my comfort zone and start to pursue the other things I’ve dreamed of. The first being styling, I will obviously always blog but I had to be reminded of what my ultimate dream for this platform is. You guys didn’t think this was it did you? I haven’t been able to shoot and I hate not posting so I thought this was the perfect time for a more personal post. I hope it inspires you to set some goals toward your dreams for the new year. XOXO