Ta Da! Here’s one of the four looks I styled and creative directed with my friends last week. As I mentioned when I shared the mood board, I’m putting together a portfolio to start freelance styling. This was my first experience being truly behind the scenes so I wanted to get one under my belt while showing people I can style a high-fashion shoot. Being a blogger you’re kind of forced to stay somewhat commercial (depending on the audience of course) but this is the shit that I love.

It was the perfect day. Magen and Megan came over to my house early in the am. I picked up Micky D’s breakfast because I’ve awkwardly been craving it my whole life. I served up some homemade iced vanilla latte’s while Megan Pense worked her magic. Chase came over and we shot a look in one of my old prom dresses that just happened to be Vera Wang. Kind of a mini test shoot to warm up. Then we headed to Magens friends loft downtown, thats where these pictures took place. How unbelibavly amazing is it? I couldn’t get over it.

It was nice to be behind the scenes. Even though I kind of feel like I’ve been doing the same thing for the past 3 years with the blog, it allowed me to take me creativity and vision to the next level. I kind of have limitations when I shoot because as much as I try to not think or care about what people say, you’re a little more susceptible to judgment when you setup a shoot for yourself to run around a beach half naked because its “art”. It is, but that’s not necessarily the first thing people will see. Anywho I hope you enjoy my vision that my friends helped me bring to life! Stay tuned for the rest of the shoots!

Model: Magen Mattox | Photographer: Chase Johnson | Makeup: Megan Pense |