The longer I do this blog thing and the more I learn, and travel, and grow, the more I find my aesthetic. I didn’t know what that word meant for the longest time past how douchey people sounded when they used it. And when I did learn what it was I hated the idea of it. Since my full time job before this was very structured and corporate this was my place to express myself. I had no desire to put any barriers and limitations on it. If I liked something or had something to say, I wanted to be able to. I saw all these other bloggers around me not posting amazing pics just because it wasn’t a white background and didnt look good in their “theme”. I never wanted that. It wasn’t me.

However since moving to LA and going full time I understand the importance more and more. It’s who you are and your message. It’s you and your brand in a photo. The lighting, the outfit, the photography style. Everything. And the importance of this and keeping its consistency is so you can continually communicate that and your mission to new visitors and partners. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t have to be some way too thought out manicured puzzle. It’s relvant to whoever you are and if that means that you decide to post 2 seconds before you post it, thats who you are. To me my blog and instagram wouldn’t be as true to myself if it was too thought out in advance, Of course I plan my content to a degree and have my vision but overall it’s organized chaos just like me.

I think part of the reason this has become more clear is because I do surround myself with like minded people doing the same overall thing as me. Even though we’re all “bloggers” or “influencers” or ” creatives” we’re all soooooo different. We have our own style and strengths. And when you surround yourself with the right people they’re just as quick to call you out on the things you’re amazing at as they are when you’re being a douche. It helps you embrace what you’re good at and find your bigger message. Since I’ve moved to LA I’ve truly come into my own and I feel like the more I’ve started embracing myself the more opportunities I get with the people I wanted to work with. So anyway just wanted to give a little shout out to the people who have followed me from the beginning, Thank you for believing in my vision even though it wasn’t always super clear. And I also want to encourage everyone to truly commit to finding what it is they love and are good at. You can never be reminded of this too many times. Thanks for letting me do me. XOXO

Wearing: Fringe Cardigan (similar) |  Wildfox Sunnies | Ettika Chain Belt (similar) | Asos Mom Jeans | Marc Fisher Booties | Bralette |

Shot by: Anna Lopez