Last night I shared my look for all of the evenings shenanigans but this is what I was rocking during the day. It snowed all night so I was in layers on layers (and still freezing). I love how the look came out because it truly was as thoughtless and effortless as it seems. I was just trying to throw on any warm layers I had because my ass was too busy planning my week and outfits to ever look at the weather. I had zero idea snow was coming. Which is honestly very me if you know me. But I made it work and lived to tell the tale. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl in the majority of aspects in my life so I prefer it this way. It makes you get creative. Anywho shop the look below. XO

P.S. the actual hooded fur coat is linked below in the text but for some reason wouldn’t let me populate a pic to add it into the widget that’s below that.

Wearing: Wildfox Sweater | Chanel Bag via Trendlee | Ei8ht Hooded Coat | Vintage Jean Jacket (similar) | ASOS Mom jeans | YSL Sunnies | Star Sneakers | Fishnets |

Shot by: Bri Costello