Ok I swore I was done with fashion week posts but I lied… I forgot to share my look for my last day/night which just so happened to be Valentines day. Before my trip my boo Haley at Redken asked if I was up for dying my hair pink for a little feature they were doing. Considering it was going to be happening on Valentines day and I knew I was in good hands I couldn’t resist. I’d always wanted to go pink but this was my first time considering I always had an office job before now. I looooved it and it was even better after a wash or two when it started to fade; It was a little more subtle and looked better with my hair/complexion. I’m so glad I went all out though because originally I was only going to do highlights. Plus they used their City Beats product that isn’t extremely permanent so it was perfect. I would def recommend it if you wanted somthing in between a long term and a one wash situation. It continued to look amazing up until you couldn’t see the color anymore. AKA my hair didn’t turn a weird color of orange or red, it just faded into highlights.

These pics were from the Baja East show later that evening. Basically this is what happens when you’re under the influence of alcohol and you have badass photogs around to document. Shop my look below and check out our fun piccys below. XO

Wearing: Kid Dangerous Tee | Kiss Sunnies | Mother Jeans | Black Fur |

Shot by: Bri Costello & Haley Ringo