Guys… you have no idea how many years I’ve been trying to go to Coachella. I know since at least my freshman year of college. I’ve had a ticket on two different occasions but no one that could go. My dad even had one of his employees buy me a shirt when he found out they were going (so cute). And then last year it was during my trip to Nevis. Any-who I finallllly got to go and to say it was magical would be an understatement. Overwhelming but magical. In the spirit of keeping it real,  there were a million moving parts between the parties, the actual festival, “work”, friends to meet up with, etc, etc.  And obviously with all of that comes more ubers, lines, and bumps in the road. (I know, you feel soooo sorry for me). But it’s just one of those things that you gladly take for those magical moments and memories. Kind of like LA with its traffic and terrible pool of men. Over all it was unexplainable to be at all of these crazy shows, parties and events with all my best friends. Enjoy a little photo diary of the weekend and shop some of my looks below. XOXO

Wearing: Wildfox Tee | Sonix Sunnies | Converse | French Connection Backpack | Not Shown: AG Jean Shorts | 🙂

Wearing: Amuse Society Top | ASOS Skirt | Matisse Heels | Sonix Sunnies | French Connection Backpack | Amuse headband |

Wearing: Norama Kamali Swimsuit | Vintage Belt | Converse | Pared Sunnies |