Along with this cute ass look I have a little life update! As I have shared, my goal this year has been to get into styling. I’ve done a few simple lifestyle shoots myself but knew I was only dipping my toe into the styling world. As I was working on getting work myself I reached out to one of my favorite stylists here in LA, Dalit Gwenna. I can’t remember when or how I found her but I always looked up to the work she shared on her insta and how well rounded and connected she was. I let her know I was really interested in learning from her and would love to help her out whenever she needed it. I honestly didn’t expect a reply but to my dismay she told her to email her. That turned into me assisting her on a shoot and that shoot tuned into another two, a Coachella style out with a bunch of amazing models and a music video for a big name in music that I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share at all. The past week has honestly been kind of a whirlwind because these are things I’ve dreamed of being a part of and to be invited into it by a person I admire so much is surreal. I’m really really thankful for these opportunities and have felt so fulfilled lately. I truly love it and being around all these creative people doing their thing is a massive cherry on top and a big part of what was missing working for myself full time. Anyway I promised I’d take you all on this journey with me so there ya go! Stay tuned. Oh and don’t worry the blog won’t be going anywhere. XOXO

Wearing: Silk Robe | Wildfox Sunnies | Ribbed Bodysuit |

Shot by: Anna Lopez