This post was sponsored by Lulus.

Just because the festival was cancelled didn’t mean I couldn’t rock my festival looks in Miami; they’re perfect for the heat too. I’m in love with this army green romper from Lulus. Simple, sexy, and so comfy. I love something that isn’t too busy and I can still accessorize. To me the styling and everything is really what makes a festival outfit. Especially because it’s an occasion you can go bigger and bolder, while also smaller and skimpier (lol).  Since I like to really commit I tend to go for more affordable options. Let’s be real between the amount of pics you take and how much dust, dirt, grass, wine, etc, you come in contact with, you’ve got 2, maybe 3 wears. Lulus is so perfect for these occasions because they have so many affordable options that are current and soooo cute. Checkout their festival section here and shop my romper below. XOXO

 Wearing: Lulus Romper