A few weekends ago I headed to Palm Springs for a long weekend with a bunch of babes to celebrate Amanda Millers bachelorette. Since all of those babes also happened to be bloggers, a ‘blogger bachelorette’ was born. So appropriate for our boo Amanda who is always thinking ahead on ways to monetize. The whole weekend was planned out to a T and at the end of the day was basically one big collab. Everything was gifted and the whole week was dedicated to content creation, drinking, laying out,  and a lot of “blog talk” that any and all outsiders hate to listen to. It was perfect. If you work for yourself you know that sometimes a vacation can be even more stressful so it was amazing to have a good mix of “work” and play. Although I told my brother last night that it’s hard to call something work when you have a glass of rose’ in one hand.

 I wanted to start off sharing our long weekend by talking about the house we stayed in through Homeaway. This little oasis was just that. It had a pool, massive kitchen. room for everyone to sleep, sit, eat, shower, layout, get ready etc. I seriously can’t go on enough about it. Guy’s if you’re traveling with a big group IT MAKES NO SENSE to get a hotel. It’s a money pit. It’s also wayyy more fun to all be in the same place and have a pool and kitchen to yourself. Plus you can save even more money on a few meals by buying groceries and cooking at the house. With the number of bachelorette parties and weddings going on there’s not one person that would say they didn’t want to save a little money. If you or your friends are planning a bach or a little getaway I highlyyyyy recommend this house. Check it out below and take a look at Homeaway’s other offerings here. XOXO

Shot by: Vanessa Christina