Ok call me a freak for taking my dog everywhere I go but trust me you would too all things considered. When I leave her for a long amount of time she’s a complete dick to me when I get back. She gets really stand off-ish and sometimes even “forgets” she’s potty trained for a few days. I’m already dreading her drama when I get back from Europe this summer. She basically does anything she can think of to make sure I pay for leaving her behind. Considering this, how easy she is to travel with (she’s got it down), and how much money I save, I like to bring her with me when I can. She’s been to some pretty amazing places (including Marfa) and if I were to guess she’s been on about 30 flights in the 2 years she’s been alive. So cultured…. anyway I get questions constantly with people asking how she’s able to travel with me so I figured I should share all my secrets in a blog post for everyone

First and foremost only travel with them if they’re good with people. I wish this didn’t have to be stated but people will surprise you so I want to cover all of my bases. If your dogs a bitch to everyone but you, spare yourself and everyone around you. Moo is only able to go all of these places with me because she’s a chiller and she’s never met a person/dog/baby she didn’t like.

Get them certified as an emotional support animal: There’s several ways to do this but basically this is a doctors note that says you need an emotional support animal to travel. I actually do take medicine for depression/anxiety so I technically do “need” her but basically this is your way of traveling with your pup for free. Technically an airlines/hotel/apartment can’t tell you you can’t have an animal if you prove that you need it for medical purposes. That being said they’re also not allowed to charge you. So not only do you not have to pay for them to fly they also don’t have to be in a carrier. Moo walks through the airport on her leash and then sleeps on my lap or at my feet the entire flight. I get pre-boarding with her so I make sure to take advantage and get a window seat. That way people get to choose to sit next to us (on southwest at least) instead of me just showing up in a row with a grumpy old man who doesn’t agree with the whole “traveling with your pet” thing. (I’ve had some words with people about this on flights before). Recently there have also been a lot of updates in the paperwork required by each airlines so make sure to check what additional  forms you need at least 48 hours in advance.

Introduce them early: Moo flew with me a few weeks after I got her and pretty consistently after that so she knows the drill. She’s very calm the entire time. If your pup isn’t as calm I suggest bringing CBD oil. This makes moo PTFO. I also like to bring a bone or something for her to chew on.

Bathroom sitch: I don’t feed her right before and depending on the time/length of the flight I don’t feed her at all. Most airports don’t have a place to take them out unless you go back through security so I keep her food in my carry on and take her out right when we get off the plane and she eats and does her bizz. Most airports have an area right outside of baggage claim.

Now if anyone has any other advice I’m all ears. Specifically any advice on traveling internationally, I’d greatly appreciate!. Let me know if you have any other questions! P.s. this was requested by a follower via DM on insta. Love getting requests like this so if you ever want to see anything specific pleassssse reach out. I’m all ears. XOXO