Inbetween trips and exciting events to document, most of my days are spent at my house in front of my computer. Leaving only to take the mush out on a walk. For reference, I average about 3,000 steps these days if I don’t go on a run. I get easily distracted so I have to have days dedicated to sitting my ass down for computer work with no meetings, events, or plans to steer my attention. Obviously knowing I won’t see anyone doesn’t exactly motivate me to do much with my appearance. Which sounds nice until a few days go by and you forget how decent you can look with your hair done and a coat of mascara (andddd what that can do for your confidence). Considering I am my own motivation and I have a job that’s very vulnerable its hard to do when I lack self confidence. (My biggest reasoning for staying out of serious relationships the past two years, it’s all too up and down for my liking). On days I need a little boost I will literally throw on my sexy little black robe or this pink lace number to remind myself what it’s like to feel pretty. It’s nice to have some sassy little number to throw on to replace my go-to giant waffle knit Polo sweats and a massive tee that I prob got on some family vacation (used to be my go-to souvenir, now its stickers…). So without trying to sound like some freak feminist claiming that we don’t need men (we do) I wanted to give you another use for your sexy lingerie and remind you that you are treating yourself just as much as your boo when you buy it.  Shop my cute slip below along with some more of my favorite intimates from BHLDN at the moment. XOXO

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 Shot by: Taryn Dudley