After London we flew to Stuttgart Germany. This part of the trip was all about Mercedes (Sidenote: I hope you guys know I’m not trying to sound braggy/boujee/cool with all of this, just trying to share my experiences.) It was so cool to see my dad live out this experience he had been talking about for years. He’s big on setting goals which has rubbed off on me so I always love things like this  (especially when I benefit and can experience it too). You need to remind yourself why you work soooo hard sometimes and set goals to maintain focus. Anywho we came to Stuttgart to pickup my dads car at the actual place Mercedes are manufactured. He had already gone through the process of customizing the whole thing (the perk of buying straight from them) so we were able to pickup the car (they insure you in Germany so you can drive, another perk) and cruise the autobahn. Before we peaced we were given a tour of the city that was this Mercedes plant . It was huge, had it’s own fire station and everything. All of this was amazinggg to see. Kind of a full circle experience if you will. And ps there’s something very satisfying about watching the steel being pressed and molded. I wasn’t allowed to take pics or vids so you’ll just have to trust.

The next leg of our adventure in Germany was Munich. We road-tripped here in the new ride and stayed for a few nights. I was so happy we decided to do Munich too because I feel like we actually got the real German experience there; There wasn’t as much to do and see in Stuttgart other than all of the car stuff. This is where I fell in love with the country. Everywhere you turned someone was selling beer, pretzels, or both. I thought this was just a cliche but it was in fact not. The first day we explored, ate, drank, etc and the second day we hopped on another train to a little city outside of town to skydive. This was my little sisters one request for the trip because she’s too young to do it in the states. Of course the rules in Germany are more lax… This was SO FUN. A series of unfortunate events to get there, yes but for me to say it was fun means it was obviously worth it and THAT amazing. I had been before but this was even more exciting to me just being in another country and taking in all of the views. One of the highlights of the trip for sure. Enjoy my photo gallery of Germany below and shop my outfits. Be on the lookout for my Austria and Switzerland posts! XOXO

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