I personally do nottt enjoy shooting, and I’m not just saying that to seem “relatable”. It’s not that I hate it as much as its just not the favorite part of my job. I love putting the outfits together and I love how they come out and being able to express myself this way but for some reason I dread shooting. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that I HATE getting ready (also why I’ve gotten into styling) butttt I do have to say when I have a beer in hand and am obsessed with my photographer you can’t help but enjoy it. Plus Becky did my hair this day so my job was easier than usual. I think its all veryyy approp for the Wildfox bodysuit I’m wearing because we were literally straight chillin and taking pics in-between. It made me realize I need to be more laid back and such with my shoots because I think it transcends into the pics and is a way better portrait of my “vibe”. Anywho shop my ‘laid back’ look below. XO

Wearing: Wildfox Bodysuit | Wildfox Sunnies | Vanessa Mooney Choker |

Shot by: Taryn Dudley