A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited on my fam vacay. I say that because I don’t know how old is too old to keep getting invited on these… Anyway every 5 years my dad has to take a 3 month sabbatical for work. Last time we did the whole Paris, Positiono, Almafi Coast, Rome thing before I headed to South Africa for the rest of the summer (most magical summer of my life). This year it was just my parents and two of my siblings, sadly my other brother and sister in law couldn’t make it. This time around the main priority of our trip was picking up my dads new car in Germany. He’s a biggg car guy (specifically Mercedes) and ever since he learned that he could customize his own anddd pick it up from the manufacturer he’s been talking about doing it. Plus the autobahns in Germany don’t have speed limits in some areas so that was obviously also a big motivation. I’ll get to all of that later in my Germany post but for now I’m focusing on our time in London. We started out here and met up with my brother who had been studying there for the summer. This was my second time to go but considering my first time was for London Fashion Week and in the winter this was a whole other experience. Check it out below along with my outfit deals and my London travel guide! It’s really good if I do say so myself. XOXO

Wearing: Vetiver Dress | Vanessa Mooney Earrings | Matisse Shoes | Red Sunnies |

Wearing: Helfrich LA Dress | Mattisse Shoes |

Wearing; & Other Stories Skirt | Vintage Tee (similar) | Miu Miu Shoes | Red Sunnies |

My London Travel Guide


Camden: This is the “bohemian” area of London and definitely my favorite part of town. I suggest spending at least a full day here. It’s basically a big permanent farmers market and flea all in one. They have some amazing little food vendors and the shopping is a vintage lovers dream. The whole area has a ton of personality.

Portobello Market: This happens every Sunday down Portobello Road. This to me is the brit equivalent  to the Fairflax Flea market that happens every Sunday in LA. I found a lottt of goodies and

Jubilee Gardens: This is the park next to the London Eye. There’s a big play area that is freakishly clean along with a carousel and some good old fashion fair food vendors. Theres also a little area to drink and hang so it kind of makes everyone happy. There was also a little market going on but we missed it and I’m not sure what the days/times are.

Harrods: This was an experience I did not expect. Given my job I’m not too into shopping with my free time anymore but this was much more than that. You can easily spend a full day here and will probably want to given the luxurious food court they house. Not to mention they have some casual Picasso and Warhol pieces in the art section and the coolest toy department you ever did see. This was my version of a museum honestly.

Harry Potter Experience: We didn’t plan this enough in advance but it’s basically a huge tour and behind the scenes of the movie; Props, set, and all. Everyone thats been says it’s amazing.

Covent Garden: This is the area I stayed during my trip for LFW. We luckedddd out with a flat in the middle of it all. This is fun during the day and at night. At night there’s some good restaurants but more importantly, street performers that are everythinggg after a few (8) cocktails. And during the day they have a little market with street vendors that are fun to look at.

-Food and drink-

sketch– We didn’t go this time around but you can see pics here from my last trip to London. The whole thing is an experience, even the bathroom. The proper high tea experience you have to have while in London.

Flat Iron: They only serve one thing so you know they do it right. Steak frite heaven.

Cicchetti: Yummiest italian tapas which should be more of a thing considering how rich most dishes are anyway. Can I get an amen?

Indian Food: anywhere really you just have to get it while you’re there.

Sticks’n’Sushi: Good sushi my dad and I went to because the rest of my family is picky AF.

Strongroom: Cute bar with a cuter outdoor area in Shoreditch that I met up with some of my London Friends. Wish I could have spent more time in the area but theres always next time!

-Touristy Stuff-

London Eye: I’m kind of indifferent on this. It was cool but I could have skipped it. I will say it’s much cooler to me knowing the London Eye is coming down in the next few years. Also, if you do choose to do it get the fast passes prior and book a time so you don’t have to wait as long.

Hop On/Hop off buses: These are the big red buses that London is so famous for. You can buy a 1 or 2 day pass and literally hop on and off these to site see. We did one for a few hours and it was a good touristy little experience. Good if you’re trying to see a lot in a little period of time and learn a little bit along the way.

Buckingham Palace: You pass this on the big red busses but I suggest walking to/around it. There’s a pretty park and garden and it’s cool to get up close and personal with the guards and such. I was lucky enough to see the queen driving up in her range rover during my last trip. She obviously wasn’t driving but you know what I mean. And i believe you can book tours to see the inside if she’s not in town but I haven’t done this personally.

River Thames: There’s a boat cruise you can go on but one day we drank on a little boat off of the River called the “Tattershall Castle” and I’d say it sufficed. Plus it’s right across the river from the London Eye so the views were perfect.

p.s. I suggest an app like TripDoc to keep a log of where you’ve been/want to go.

Please share any recs in the comments for me and others if you have anything to add! XOXO