It’s been a minute but better late than never! I’ve been styling more (I’ll give you an update on that ASAP) so have put off the hours it takes to put these travel posts together. There’s probably some pics I could have deleted but this is my version of a good ol Facebook album so I like looking back and remembering everything,

This fashion week was a much more relaxed one for me. I decided to be pickier on how I spent my time and not overwhelm myself. Last season I literally did.not.stop. and the last day had a full on mental breakdown. The kind where one little thing happens and you start crying for no reason then it continues all day and the next thing you know you’re sobbing on the phone to your best friend about something completely unrelated…anyway enough about my mental instability; I stayed in an airbnb with 5 of my blogger friends This may sound like a lot and it might have been referred to as the sorority house by our peers all week but I loved it.  I like staying with a group because everyone always has their own things going on during the week so it’s hard to make time to get together. And considering seeing all these people I rarely get to see is one of my favorite parts of fashion week, its nice to have a central place to hang.

Checkout our antics from the week below along with links to shop my looks. XOXO

Wearing: Hawaiian Shirt (similar) | AG Jeans | Stella McCartney Platforms | Sunnies |

Wearing: Vetiver Pants | Crop Top | Stella McCartney Platforms | Bag (similar) | Sunnies (Similar) |

Wearing : Fillyboo Overalls | Stella McCartney Platforms | Sunnies |

Wearing: Free People Jacket | AG Jean Shorts | Matisse Boots | Sunnies |

Wearing: MINKPINK Jeans | Scarf (similar) | Sunnies | Shoes |

Wearing: Vetiver Skirt | Van Halen Tee | Sunnies (similar) | Shoes | Bag (similar) | Earrings |

Wearing: Mirror Over The Knee Boots | Vintage Tee (Similar) | Sunnies | Vanessa Mooney Earrings | Bag (similar) |

Wearing: Fillyboo Skirt (as a dress) | Matisse Boots | Sunnies |