Last month me, P, and Claire went to Park City for our first trip of the year. We made it a goal to take a little trip once a month to get away, shoot our content, and knock some places off our bucket list. This trip consisted of skiing, shooting a Kopari campaign, and some Sundance films. Claire is from there so we stayed with her dad and truly had the greatest, easiest week. Which is saying a lot when skiing is involved considering it’s the least easy. SO worth it though. Sundance was so fun to experience; we went to the premiere of A Futile & Stupid Gesture and a VR show that had 10+  virtual reality exhibits. Both were beyond cool. The VR because, VR and the movie because it was the actual premiere so all of the celebs and writers were there and answered questions at the end. And this is the cast you want that to happen with. Lots of SNL peeps. So cool.

As you can see I wore alotttt of leggings, chunky boots, and big coats. My go-to outfit equation for any cold weather situation. It was fun to escape the warmth of LA and have some real winter weather to wear all my dramatic coats and other cold weather accessories.. Oh and how good are our retro ski suits? My friend lets us borrow! They were a hit on the slopes to say the least. Check out our pics below and shop my outfits. XO