Miami… Once Again

If you haven’t noticed Payton and I are a little obsessed with Miami. Specifically Soho Beach House but none-the-less, Miami. We have now been 3 times together in the less-than-2 years we’ve known eachother. We booked this particular trip soooo last minute and I owe all of the credit to Hopper. I had been seeing ads for the app and finally downloaded it when they claimed they could help me save money on flights. I was intrigued (this isn’t sponsored by the way just wanted to share because I’ve been telling all of my friends). Basically you can put in cities, travel dates and such into the app and it will let you know what time of year is cheapest to go, when to book, when the prices will go up, etc. So you can “watch” a trip or a certain city and it will alert you when the price goes down or increases. It also tells you the date the prices are likely to go up so you know exactly when to book. This is a game changer for me because as I told you, Payton, Claire, and I are trying to travel a lot more this year. So now I have all of the trips I know I need to take being watched (weddings, bachelorettes, etc) along with cities I want to visit so I know exactly when to book. I’ve become obsessed.

Ok now back to the trip… we stayed at Payton’s uncles house in Miami beach this time around. He has a place there that he only uses a few months in the summer so we lucked into the most amazing stay for free. For the most part we spent our days shooting content, laying out, working out, eating, drinking, working, etc. It was great. One of those vacations that you come home from actually feeling refreshed and not stressed to get to the gym and fast for a week. Shop all of my miami outfits below and checkout pics from our week. XOXO