I left for Coachella the Monday before and worked with White Horse Agency the whole week leading up . We were setting up a styling suite/event, shooting content for our clients, styling celebrities, and curating closets for some of the VIP’s. It was some of the hardest work we had all done in years. Like 14 hour days in 103 degree weather hard. But I swear when you are surrounded by people that you are endlessly inspired by it is nothing. I’ve told you all the majority of why I love styling work is the people I get to meet and these are truly some of the best. (Shout outs to Dalit, Chaz, Marco, Claire, and Paco)

Once I finished that to-do list I switched back over to influencer mode to tackle my own, go to the festival, shoot my campaigns, and attend some events. It was truly non-stop for 7 days but sooooo great. Some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile despite the craziness of it all. Highlights included seeing Halsey & G-Eazy perform together at a v intimate YSL party, seeing Cardi give it her all at 6 months pregnant, curating a closet for Vanessa Hudgens, Halsey, & Emily Ratajkowski, Eminem bringing out dr. dre, being in Artist for Beyonce, the pizza I ate at Neon Carnival, the b12 shot I got in my ass that truly saved me, being with all my friends at Revolve Festival, etc etc. I could go on and on but instead enjoy a little photo diary of the week. Most of my looks are High End Hippie Vintage but I tagged what I could below! XOXO