My first Miami Swim Week and it was a doooozy. Non-stop events for 5 days in a row. I’m talking 9am workouts outside followed by back to back events and meetings all day followed by dinners then shows that start at 10 and 11pm. All in the blistering heat. I feel like I can not complain (even though I do, lol) but just wanted to paint the picture for you all.

I stayed at the Pestana in a big 2 story room with Payton, Riley, Claire, Kylee, and Sage! It’s always so fun staying in the same place even if it means sleeping in a twin bed all week. Some people think we’re crazy doing this at fashion week and such but it’s honestly my favorite. We have so little down time that if we didn’t stay at the same place we’d never see each other to get to hang!

Of course we couldn’t go to Miami without having at least one chill beach day. On our last day we all went to Soho Beach House to drink rose, lay out, and enjoy the warm ocean. It made it that much better that we had properly earned the day of vacation. It’s such a tease to be in paradise but not get to enjoy it. Literally did not touch sand until the last day. Anywho that night we had a big dinner all together and got wasteddddd. I swear I get drunk off of one drink there when it’s that hot. We ended up skinny dipping in the ocean and then skinny dipping again back at our hotel. Keep in mind Payton, Kylee, and I had a 7am flight to NY in the morning. It was a lot. I also dove into the pool like a child and scraped my nose and got to rock that in NY. It was cute. Overall so fun and very successful. I had several campaigns and a shoot with Redken when I was there plus got to see/meet so many non LA people. K bye gotta go recover! Shop all my Miami Swim looks below. XOXO